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Chris Hodgetts:
(The Guy who decided that this project should be done)
Runs the website [], has used the Asterisk open source PBX for about a year, and was getting sick of the lack of quality non-american prompts there were for such a great system, in particular "Pressing the Pound" key was the killer.... so with the help of a friend and the members of the New Zealand Asterisk Users Group [] the project was born.

(The Guy with the gear)

Steve's day job is a Systems Administrator, but in the weekend, he plays a whole bunch of instruments in a band called "Great Uncle Pete" [] - I have asked him for a brief bio and info he would like on the site, but he has yet to pass it on to me.. one day :)

(The Girl with the voice)

Tanya has been working in radio since 1998, and has travelled the country in various jobs. Born and bred in Palmerston North, she got her first taste of radio on a local access station, before moving to student radio in Christchurch. She took her first 'real' job in Queenstown, and has also worked in Taupo before moving back to the Manawatu.

Tanya has been a copywriter, announcer, producer and journalist. These days she works on a casual basis for the Radio Network, while raising her twin girls and spending what little free time she has writing speeches for Palmerston North Mayor Heather Tanguay.

The Project:
(Can't forget the project)

The project might cry if we forget a bio on it..
The project was born on Sunday 19th Feb - 2006, thats the day the first set of recordings were done.

For about two hours, there the three of us were, recording, we knew it sounded good, but I know I was really unsure how it would go down...

Using Audacity for the recordings, trying to keep the project as Open Source as we could.

After Tanya left, Steve and I sat down and started to cut the sounds, that were recorded in to one big file, into smaller files, to be named, once that task was done, which took longer than expected, I grabbed the raw .wav files, and took them home.

That night the very first copy, straight off the hard drive, was made available, the following day, I took them into work, where they were put on our system live.

We found a few little faults with them, and they were cleaned up, it took about a week for the whole lot to get silence added or removed here or there, just to try and give it a smoother sound, which I (personally) think we have done, Saturday 25th Feb 2006.